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Virtual Payment Solutions
Backed by Smart Tech


  • An open banking solution for merchants accepting payments online. This payment method can be added as an alternative checkout option to cards.


  • If you need to make a high volume of payments, you can submit them in a batch format (eg. csv). You will be notified via webhooks once the transactions have been executed.

Full Payments API

  • Leading APIs to manage all of your payments needs – create payment, check account balance, get notified when the payment is credited, and much more.

KYC verifications coming soon

  • Verify your underlying clients instantly to easily fulfill your KYC requirements. They make a remittance, we check, and send a notification about the payee.

All tech solutions are provided by our sister company.

How to register a virtual account
and verify your identity

My EU Pay remains fully operational during the Covid-19 outbreak. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us at